Equality and justice?

by Tim Belben
from Signs of the Times No. 48 - Jan 2013

The parable of the Labourers in the Vineyard should be a warning against responding too easily to demands for equality. Scrutiny of such demands may also lead us to question demands for justice. Are these, justice and equality, a necessary part of the Christian ethic?

Bishop Brian Smith pointed out (Modern Believing January 2010) that the pagan and Christian value systems are both desirable but compete for attention. Have we been led astray by the 'good' of pagan virtues into backing the wrong horse?

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On not being a conservative Christian

by Stephen Parsons
from Signs of the Times No. 48 - Jan 2013

Most of those reading this article would resist having the label  of 'conservative Christian' applied to them. But the majority of this group of 'not-conservatives' know how they often find themselves in a weak position over against the strength and confidence of those who hold to conservative beliefs.

In reflecting about this position of apparent weakness, I want to suggest that it is in fact a position of strength. The strength of those who parade their orthodoxy and the traditionalism of their position is normally a strength with little real substance.

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Honest to God, honest to the world

Editorial by Anthony Woollard
from Signs of the Times No. 48 - Jan 2013

This year marks the 50th anniversary of John Robinson's book Honest to God. Our sister academic journal Modern Believing will be devoting the whole of its April issue to that small stick of dynamite which was tossed into English Christianity in 1963. There is no need therefore for this newsletter to focus on it in great depth.

Yet many of the articles below are relevant to the themes that Robinson threw into the theological mix. And after the women bishops vote - in part  a procedural absurdity unrepresentative of the majority conviction, yet reflecting the reality of divisions within our Church which offer a genuine sense of threat to the liberal heritage - we may do well to spend a little time meditating on Robinson's role in getting us to where we are today.

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