by Rosalind Lund
from Signs of the Times No. 49 - Apr 2013

Two events were held in March in Cambridge hosted by the parish of Great St Mary's  and their Vicar, John Binns.

At the first, Adrian Thatcher (editor of Modern Believing) was in conversation  with John Beer (Archdeacon of Cambridge and former research student with John Robinson) to introduce the group to Honest to God and how it changed the church.

We enjoyed a lively debate in the café of Michaelhouse in Trinity Street where the former church of St Michael has been transformed into a most attractive café leaving the chancel and sanctuary reserved for worship - all part of the plant of Great St Mary's.

The second event was entitled "Fifty years - another time of change" with Linda Woodhead (Professor at Lancaster University) in conversation with the Revd Malcolm Brown (Director of Mission and Public Affairs for the Church of England), both of whom are known to Modern Church members.

Rosalind Lund is Modern Church Council Vice-Chair.