by Helen Oppenheimer
from Signs of theTimes No. 54 - Jul 2014

I have been a member of Modern Church for many years and would count myself a liberal of the 'apologetic' variety.

I go to church, not because I 'want to cling on to church life' without any specific belief in God, but because I do believe in God and must express my belief by joining with other Christians. But the only reason why I am able to believe in God, in the face of all the suffering in the world, is that I am convinced by the Christian story, the dogma, of a God who is not aloof in heaven, but took responsibility for creation and entered into the sufferings of the world. The Gospel has to be more than 'a belief in cosmic value.' David Jenkins, erstwhile Bishop of Durham, long ago summed up his undoubtedly liberal faith as follows: God is. He is as he is in Jesus. Therefore there is hope.

So there seems to me to be a serious gap in the two balanced and thoughtful articles about liberalism in the April Signs of the Times. Jesus Christ, who for many people is the only reason for believing in God at all, is not mentioned in either of them.

Yours sincerely,

Helen Oppenheimer