Tell it slant

Editorial by Anthony Woollard
from Signs of the Times No. 55 - Oct 2014

Some 45 years ago I attended a conference on Christian education in schools. It was there that a bishop, giving the keynote address, introduced me to the words of Emily Dickinson:

Tell all the truth, but tell it slant;
Success in circuit lies.

In other words, in schools (including denominational ones) and otherwise, we need to get across the Gospel – however we understand it – more by indirect than by direct means.

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Impressions of Conference 2014

by Lucinda Murphy and Carolann Martys
from Signs of the Times No. 55 - Oct 2014

Lucinda Murphy:

The 2014 Modern Church Conference opened with a simple instruction. Chair, Martyn Percy incited us to ‘do some soul searching’, to find the ‘centre’ of our spirituality.

To a room full of liberally minded academic types, this appeared like a seemingly simple instruction with an almost certainly indefinite answer. ‘Right’, I thought, ‘very meaningful, but here we are again, circling round and round our souls with no definite conclusion.’ But I was wrong.

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Eucharistic sacrifice

by John Goodchild
from Signs of the Times No. 55 - Oct 2014

If you want to experience the Jerusalem temple don’t fly to Israel, just visit your local abattoir.

Two sheep were discussing Jesus the Lamb of God. ‘I don’t know whether he saved the world’, said one, ‘but he certainly saved us’.

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Liberal theology: negotiating the ‘–isms’

by Anthony Freeman
from Signs of the Times No. 55 - Oct 2014

Recent articles on directions for liberal theology -- by Jonathan Clatworthy (ST April 2014) and Michael Wright (ST July 2014) - have made reference to ‘theism’ and ‘realism’ and related philosophical terms.

The following notes are offered as a brief guide to these families of words and the way they have featured in recent theological debate, with a final word on their relevance to Modern Church.

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Speaking about God in a parish of many faiths: part 2

by Guy Elsmore
from Signs of the Times No. 55 - Oct 2014

Part 2 of 3: Christian Inclusivism

• Part 1: Christian Exclusivism

• Part 3: Pluralism

In the Parish of St Luke in the City, Liverpool, I regularly meet followers of other faiths. Life together brings opportunities and invitations to work alongside one another. How should I relate to people of other faiths? Should I be trying to convert them to Christianity? Should I refuse or welcome acts of worship which involve other faiths? How should the Churches in the St Luke’s Team relate in mission to multi-faith neighbourhoods?

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