by John Goodchild
from Signs of the Times No. 55 - Oct 2014

If you want to experience the Jerusalem temple don’t fly to Israel, just visit your local abattoir.

Two sheep were discussing Jesus the Lamb of God. ‘I don’t know whether he saved the world’, said one, ‘but he certainly saved us’.

Brenda Watson, in the April 2014 edition, is right that sacrifice no longer rings bells with us but to develop a relationship with God as with anyone we need something to offer. We already owe God our total obedience but fail to love mercy, do justly and walk humbly and everything we have is given us by God. However, one parent may give a child something so he can give it to his other parent. God gives us Jesus who provides a human life perfectly offered to God. In the Eucharist we associate ourselves with this gift to God as Jesus associated himself with us through eating with sinners. We may sing the Eucharistic hymn:

And now, O Father, mindful of the love
That bought us, once for all, on Calvary’s tree,
And having with us him who pleads above,
We here present, we here spread forth to thee
That only offering perfect in thine eyes,
The one true, pure, immortal sacrifice.