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from Signs of the Times No. 60 - Jan 2016

This latest title in the Together in Hope series has just been published.

The foreword reads:

For many who seek a credible Christian faith in this twenty-first century, participation in public worship can raise challenging questions about the nature of God, the use of language and the very practice and purpose of such acts of worship.

Much has been written about prayer and liturgy over the centuries and numerous resources are available… yet the difficult issues about language and meaning remain an obstacle for many who might wish to be part of a worshipping community.

In this booklet, Jan Berry addresses these issues in a gentle yet comprehensive rethink about Christian worship.

An event to introduce the booklet is being organised by Jan Berry at Luther King House in Manchester on Monday evening, 25th January. More information about this is available on the Modern Church website or ring Christine (who is still working with the Joint Publications Project) on 0114 2746266 for a copy: £4.50 including postage.