by Dr John Quenby
from Signs of the Times No. 62 - Jul 2016

Jean Mayland and Robert Baldwin have both written articles ending: ‘What do the rest of MC think?’ [Signs, January & April 2016].

First re: language. As an attendee with my wife of the St Hilda’s Community after it left Queen Mary College and accepted hospitality from the Methodist Bow Mission, I very much regret the disappearance of the feminist liturgies and prayers developed at that time. The current concentration on prayers to Jesus can be countered by the biblical statistics to be found in James Dunn's Did The Early Christians Worship Jesus? where it is shown that the most common form is addressing God through Jesus.

Coming on to the Divinity of Jesus, I agree with Robert Baldwin that God does not intervene to break the laws of science. Thus as a still practicing astrophysicist I find extreme difficulty in the concept of God in human form and the nature 'miracles'. As Baldwin puts it: 'attesting to the Spirit of Christ gives strength to enable de-centering from the natural (evolved) selfishness... and re-centering by attunement with him' is a sufficient basis of life for me. Of course, biological evolution makes nonsense of 'The Fall'.

I set great store by Process Theology as modelling God's interaction with the universe and have written about it in Intelligent Faith (eds. Quenby and MacDonald-Smith, O Books 2009). I think my views are not too far away from what you report about the ideas of John Haught.

Thanks to both authors for their articles - such efforts keep my hope alive.