by Anthony Woollard
from Signs of the Times No. 66 - Jul 2017

It has been suggested that members (and others) might find it helpful to have some indication of the subject matter of future Annual Conferences.

2018: This conference will focus on Ritual, worship and culture. It is unlikely to be a traditional liturgiologist’s paradise (though there will be insights from history and tradition), but very relevant to all those who ask how changing values in church and society are, or could be, ritually embodied and celebrated. The Chair was to be Bishop Michael Perham, who sadly died during the planning of the programme. Taking his place will be Canon Jo Spreadbury, Precentor at Portsmouth Cathedral and current Chair of Praxis. Further details available here.

2019: This conference will focus on Public Theology and be chaired by Professor Elaine Graham, a Vice-President of Modern Church and one of the leading academic practitioners in this field. The current turbulence in the political and economic marketplace, which theology must address, should make this of particular interest to many.

2020: This is still at an early planning stage, but is likely to focus on a theme such as Reading Sacred Texts - highly relevant when so many interpretations of such texts (not just in the Christian tradition) seem to be obscurantist and to justify prejudice and violence. It should bring together the biblical and the interfaith aspects of Modern Church members’ interests.

For further information on all the above, plus regional day conferences often organised at shorter notice, keep an eye on our events pages here.