by Nick Jowett. Inspired by Mark 10.17-27.
CM Tune eg Martyrdom or Stracathro or Nun Danket All

  1. Lord Jesus, how can we be good,
    live selfless every day?
    No-one but God, you said, is good,
    but we are mortal clay.

  2. Good teacher, though you made no claim,
    All saw that you were good.
    You called them in the Spirit’s name,
    Each to their own true good.

  3. The wealthy man ran up to you;
    your verdict he implored:
    What are the good things I must do,
    to earn God’s just reward?’

  4. ‘Keep the commandments till you die;
    they’ll keep you safe from sin.
    Don’t kill, don’t steal, don’t cheat or lie;
    Don’t shame your kith and kin.’

  5. ‘I’ve done all this,’ the man replied,
    since I was just a child.
    God’s law will always be my guide,
    My life’s both pure and mild.’

  6. You smiled then, Lord, and loved this man:
    ‘Just do one thing,’ you said
    sell everything, give, as you can,
    to those who have no bread.’

  7. The rich young man then went away:
    you’d tested him too much.
    With you, O Lord, he could not stay;
    his wealth you must not touch.

  8. ‘A camel through a needle’s eye’s
    an easier passageway
    than when a wealthy person sighs
    to come to God and stay.’

  9. Lord, we are rich in many things
    which block our road to you.
    Show us the sacrifice which brings
    Your kingdom into view.

  10. So, how can we be truly good,
    live selfless lives indeed?
    No-one but God, you said, is good,
    but we are trapped in greed.

  11. Good teacher, then your answer came:
    with God all things can be.
    Yet call us in the Spirit’s name
    to goodness all can see.