by Nick Jowett
Tune Greensleeves

  1. How shall we sing God’s kingdom here,
    portrayed for human knowing?
    It’s like a tiny mustard seed
    within the garden growing.
    This seed, so hard to see,
    can grow into a spreading tree.
    Here all can find a home,
    like birds with nests protected.

  2. What image shows us God’s domain
    as Jesus once described it?
    It’s like a giant bowl of flour,
    a little yeast inside it.
    This mixture, as he said,
    can raise up many loaves of bread.
    We’ll all be lifted up,
    like dough which always rise.

  3. How can we understand ourselves
    as those whom Christ can nourish?
    We’re like the salt cast on the ground
    to make the garden flourish.
    But it will be a waste
    if we should ever lose our taste.
    We’ll strive to salt the earth,
    unseen, but very useful.

  4. What picture tells us who we are
    with Jesus our example?
    We’re like the lamp set on a stand,
    illumination ample.
    Our deeds must be so fine
    they make Christ’s love and mercy shine,
    So all who see rejoice
    and praise our heavenly Father.