by Nick Jowett
Music: Viva la Vida (Coldplay)

You went into the wilderness.
You had no home and no address.
Nothing to eat and nothing to drink;
Plenty of time to pray and think.

Forty days and forty nights,
You struggled over wrongs and rights,
Then, Jesus, when you were half-dead,
The devil came, and this is what he said:

‘If you are the Son of God,
Why don’t you give your Dad the nod?
If you can turn these stones to bread, you
‘ll get a pile of street cred too.’

O Jesus, you were sharply tested,
But all the devil’s wiles you bested.
‘We do not live,’ you said, ‘by bread alone,
But from the truths God’s word has shown.’
‘It’s no good trying to tempt the Lord;
That’s a game you can’t afford.’
‘Never worship evil, never.
Serve the Lord your God for ever.’

On to the temple’s highest peak
The devil took you, faint and weak.
‘Throw yourself down – the angels know
They’ll keep you safe.’ But you said, ‘No!’

He showed you kingdoms in their glory.
You’d rule them all – that was his story.
‘Just kneel right down and worship me.’
‘That,’ you said, ‘can never be.’

O Jesus, you were sharply tested...