by Marie Pattison of the Student Christian Movement

This was used at the Window on the World Conference in 2002.

It took place in the Sunday morning service. As we are an ecumenical organisation  we have to find creative alternatives to a communion service, the service followed  a similar format with the handwashing taking the place of the Eucharist.  People came up to the front where there were two tables each with a jug, a bowl and a towel.  Each person had their hands washed and dried and then stayed to wash the hands of the next person.  It was very moving to watch. Marie Pattison

Creator God, We give you praise and thanks. For you brought creation to birth, made us in your image, saw the goodness of your creation, and called us blessed.

We see you revealed in Jesus. Who laid aside power to proclaim the coming of your kingdom, by riding a donkey along a dusty road to the praises of a crowd, shouting

Hosanna Bless├ęd is he who comes in the name of the Lord Hosanna in the highest

We come together here in the name of Jesus who in the night that he was betrayed took water and a towel knelt at the feet of his friends and washed their feet asking that his friends remember him and live by his example.

Spirit of God, be with us as we wash each others' hands in a gesture of loving remembrance. Help us to bring in your kingdom by acts of love. In the name of one who lived and laughed and loved and wept and died and rose again that we might know the way of living in your love.