by Nick Jowett

Opening Prayer
Loving God, we turn to you,
ready to celebrate your love
and hear your word.
By your Holy Spirit
you can open our lips and hearts and minds.
We ask you now to come close to us
and help us to pray,
for the sake of Jesus Christ.

Dear Lord, in penitence we place ourselves
and the evils of our world before you:
the wrongs we do and the wrongs we suffer;
the many hurts and injuries people inflict on each other;
the refusal to change, understand or forgive.
Humanity is in bondage to its own evil;
we are not where we ought to be.
Please forgive us, forgive others, and help us to forgive ourselves, for Jesus Christ’s sake.
And show us the way to love and freedom.

Approach to Communion
Lord Jesus,
you welcomes all to your table,
the successful and the outcasts,
and you there made them equal,
at one with you, in the presence of God.
And now you call us,
in that same unity and equality,
to eat bread and drink wine as your body and blood,
the source of life for the world.
Enable us to put aside both pride and false humility
and to share, with simplicity and gratitude,
in the feast which opens to us
the kingdom of your Father.