Modern Believing is Modern Church’s journal, published quarterly by Liverpool University Press.

The aims of Modern Believing are

  •  to publish fresh, constructive, tradition-informed, responsible, open-minded, challenging, easily readable theology;
  •  to keep its readers in touch with recent developments in all branches of Christian theology, and with progressive accounts of Christian beliefs and doctrines, in dialogue with other disciplines.

The aims of Modern Believing are achieved, in partnership with our co-publication Signs of the Times, by

  • establishing themes for each edition, inviting articles from established and emerging scholars,
  • publishing reviews of books, especially books which illuminate the themes of each edition,
  • and publishing edited presentations from the annual conference of Modern

Students in universities, colleges and theological institutions which subscribe to the EBSCO database, can access Modern Believing online. Subscription to the journal is included for Modern Church members.

  • Editor: Prof. Adrian Thatcher.
  • Reviews Editor: Canon Dr Michael Brierley

How to sign up to receive Modern Believing

Modern Church’s membership is administered by Liverpool University Press. To become a member of Modern Church, please follow this link and find the option to ‘Subscribe’.

If you prefer to talk to someone, please email or telephone 0151 795 1080.
If you have any queries or difficulties please call our administrator, Diane Kutar, on 0845 345 1909 or email and she will be pleased to assist.

Modern Believing 2022 Programme

What can you expect to find in Modern Believing in 2022? Through the generosity of our distinguished authors I am proud to present our entire programme:

January 2022 ‘Theology and the Climate Emergency’

Dr. Bethany Sollereder, ‘Theology past the Tipping Point’

Prof Michael Northcott, ‘Against Lockdowns for the Climate and For a Theology of a Living Earth’

The Revd. Marvia Lawes, ‘“It’s the End Times, Stupid!” A Caribbean Theological Perspective on Climate Emergency’ 

Patrick Woodhouse, ‘Contemplative Practice in the Face of the Climate Crisis The Spirituality of Climate Change’

April 2022 God’s Relation to the World: Discovering Panentheism 

Editorial, Revd. Canon Dr. Michael Brierley 

Rev. Dr. John Reader, ‘Panentheism and the New Materialism’

Prof. Thomas Jay Oord and Dr. Andrew Schwartz, ‘Panentheism and Open Theism’

Prof. David Sims, ‘Panentheism and the Theology of “Being With”’

Revd. Dr. Matthew Bullimore, ‘Panentheism and Radical Orthodoxy’

Prof. Catherine Keller and Dr. Austin Roberts, ‘Panentheism and Process Theism’

Prof. John Caputo, ‘Panentheism and Weak Theology’

Dr. Val Webb, ‘Panentheism and Progressive Theology’

July 2022 Prayer: Interdisciplinary Perspectives 

Revd. Dr. Miranda Threlfall-Holmes, ‘How Trends/Styles/Fashions In Devotion Have Changed Over Time’

Rev. Dr. Lorraine Cavanagh, ‘Learning Prayer through Childhood Trauma’

Rev. Canon Mark Oakley, ‘Poetry as a Language for Prayer’

Rev. Dr. Mark Newitt, ‘The Clinical Efficacy of Prayer as an Intervention’ 

Revd. Dr. Yazid Said, ‘Christian and Muslim Understandings and Practices of Prayer: Similarities and Differences’

October 2022 The Holy Spirit 

Prof. Sigurd Bergmann, ‘The One at, around or with the Other: Ecotheological Considerations of the Spirit’s Life-Giving Power

Dr. Stephen Cherry, ‘Kindness and the Fruits of the Spirit’

Prof. Kirsteen Kim, ‘The Holy Spirit in the World’

Prof. Karen Baker-Fletcher, ‘A Womanist Theology of the Holy Spirit’