Modern Church Membership

Why join Modern Church?

 Because you are interested in how religious faith might make a difference: to people’s lives, to communities, to the future of the planet

Because you want your faith to grow, and not stand still: you want to nurture it, develop it, struggle with it and explore its outer reaches – where questions about believing, belonging and living it out are positive and life-affirming 

 Because you are looking for the kind of faith that opens you up, broadens your mind and challenges you to go deeper – and you want that for others too.

By joining Modern Church 

You will be part of a diverse and growing community of others who are also thinking, questioning, learning, hoping and working for a deeper faith and a better world. 

You will have access to:

  • Online panels of theologically-resourced writers and speakers who find joy in discussion and exploration of topics of contemporary importance 
  • Online lectures, dialogues and talks with scholars, activists and artivists
  • In-person conferences and day events in a range of geographical locations where you can meet others face-to-face
  • Inspirational and challenging blogs, engaging with everyday issues of practical theology in our social, political and cultural context
  • Personal stories and interesting thinking through our quarterly magazine, ‘Signs of the Times’
  • Deep theological engagement through our academic journal, ‘Modern Believing’
  • Opportunities to explore your faith journey through in-person retreats and smaller online discussion groups
  • Encounters with us at partnership events like the Greenbelt festival, Society for the Study of Theology, and other key theological gatherings in the Christian year

Join us to be part of a movement that has deep historical roots and a rich spiritual future.