Modern Church is the main advocate for liberal theology in the British churches.

  • By ‘liberal theology’ we mean that religious beliefs can and should develop in the light of new insights.
  • Divine revelation has not come to an end. God invites us to believe in ways appropriate to 21st Century.
  • New ideas should be judged on their merits. They may be true today even if they have not been officially accepted by church leaders in the past.

An open, enquiring faith

We therefore promote open, honest searching for truth in a spirit of humility and respect. We welcome believers of any denomination or none with a faith willing to:

  • discover new insights
  • engage in dialogue with other traditions
  • contribute to, and learn from, the issues facing society today
  • challenge the churches to let go of outdated practices.

Engaging with churches

We often play an important part in church debates, leading the way to major changes. We are often challenging the status quo, but through constructive theological arguments and campaigning skill what we stand for is often eventually absorbed by the mainstream. We are not first and foremost a campaigning organisation but we often support campaigners with theological resources.