Confounding the Mighty: Stories of Church, Social Class and Solidarity

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Alison Webster
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Nov 09 2023


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Confounding the Mighty: Stories of Church, Social Class and Solidarity

A roundtable discussion, broadcast on YouTube, with Luke Larner, Victoria Turner, and Alex Frost, chaired by Alison Webster, General Secretary of Modern Church.

It is long past time for the church to talk seriously about social class. Like the book of the same title (SCM Press, 2023), this panel discussion will explore what role class plays in the life of churches, education establishments and social justice movements in 21st Century Britain and beyond. What does it tell us about the need to connect across difference to work for justice based on ‘deep solidarity’?

‘The strength of this text is the way in which the various contributors all wrestle with the slippery nature of social class. If “race” has been the solidified proverbial elephant in the room, social class has been the slippery eel. We have all recognised it but very few grasp and keep hold of it, notwithstanding the many who have spent much of their adult lives running headlong in the opposite direction. This fine text seeks to engage with this slippery eel in a respectful, generous and expansive manner.’ (Professor Anthony Reddie, Foreword)

Luke Larner is a Church of England priest and former bricklayer serving a parish in the post-industrial town of Luton. He is passionate about weaving parish ministry with theology and social justice, and is engaged in Community Organising and studying/teaching theology alongside his parish life.

Victoria Turner is editor of ‘Young, Woke and Christian: Words from a missing generation’ (SCM Press), and her Phd thesis is, ‘Overcoming Colonialism and Classism: Exploring Shifting Theologies and Practices of Mission in the Iona Community and Council for World Mission’. 

Alex Frost is the vicar of St Matthew’s the Apostle, Burnley. He is a vocal advocate for his local community and all who are suffering the effects of austerity. He is author of, ‘Out Daily Bread: from Argos to the Altar, A Priest’s Story’ (HarperNorth).

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