Inderjit Bhogal, Founder of the City of Sanctuary, on the ‘hostile environment’

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Jun 08 2023


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Inderjit Bhogal, Founder of the City of Sanctuary, on the ‘hostile environment’

Applying for “asylum” is not a crime, but criminalising people for even trying to get to a safe place is a crime against humanity.’

Inderjit Bhogal Methodist Conference 2018

So wrote Inderjit Bhogal in a recent blog for Modern Church. The current ‘hostile environment’ created by the British Government involves detaining and deporting people without even considering their story and is, inderjit claims, ‘immoral and unethical’. 

‘People movement’ across the world is most often a response to war, climate emergency, and natural disaster. How can we best respond to vulnerable human beings as they do their best to survive such catastrophe? How can we draw on our theological roots and resources and embrace the imperatives that our faith sets before us? What constitutes a ‘Community of Sanctuary’ and how can churches play a role within them?

Join us for a conversation with Inderjit about these and other issues, via YouTube livestream on Thursday June 8th at 7.30 to 9.00pm  

Inderjit Bhogal is the founder of the City of Sanctuary network and movement, and a former President of the British Methodist Conference. He is passionately committed to the achievement of justice in immigration especially for people seeking sanctuary and refugees.

Watch live using the embedded video below and click on ‘Watch on YouTube to ask questions via the live chat.

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