Why Join Modern Church?

Modern Church has been a champion of progressive thinking about theology and church for 120 years. As an organisation we do not have a ‘statement of belief’, but work on the basis of an ‘ethos’:

Ethos and values:

  • We believe that genuine faith is committed to the search for truth, wherever it comes from
  • We believe that it is possible to think and talk about God and spirituality in ways that makesense in our time and culture.
  • We believe that it is not possible to have absolute certainty.

And so we expect theology to be:

  • Public: using ordinary language to communicate, not the language and jargon of a religious club
  • Relevant: engaging with issues that matter in society and church, looking to inform our faith and how we live
  • Respectful: willing to learn from others, willing to listen to others, willing to change.

If this open ethos and approach describes the ways in which you or your church would like to see theological debate and learning take place in your church, then affiliating with Modern Church can provide you with resources and a network of people and churches working for change.

Affiliate Membership

Modern Church has been a membership organisation since it began in 1898. After 120 years we are offering a new way of being a part of the wider Modern Church network and supporting the work of bringing progressive thought to more people.

From this summer churches and individuals can become Affiliates of Modern Church. Affiliates will receive a printed copy our revamped quarterly publication ‘Signs of the Times’ (churches affiliating will receive 5 copies to use as they like). Affiliates will also have access to all our online resources, our e-newsletter, access to local/regional meetings and conferences, and are eligible for a discounted rate for our annual. Churches affiliating can also use the Modern Church logo on their online and printed material.

Full Membership

Modern Church’s membership is administered by Liverpool University Press, who also publish our quarterly journal, Modern Believing. To become a member of Modern Church, please follow the link below and find the option to ‘Subscribe’.

If you prefer to talk to someone, please email subscriptions@liverpool.ac.uk or telephone 0151 795 1080.