An Approach to the Theology of Same-Sex Marriage

Modern Church highly commends this excellent report by the Church of Scotland, published last week.

Over the last 20 years church debates on same-sex partnerships have been vitiated by power struggles, threats of splits and unconvincing compromises with the loudest voices.

Instead this Report focuses on the real theological issues at stake, drawing on the work of leading academic theologians like Jean Porter and Robert Song.

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Not a matter of opinion: Discernment, difference and discrimination

The Oxford theologian who called for the conservative bishop nominated as the next leader of the Diocese of Sheffield to clarify his position on women’s ministry or decline the nomination has called for ‘a thorough and wholesale review’ of gender-based discrimination in the Church of England.

The Very Revd Professor Martyn Percy, Dean of Christ Church, Oxford, has published a follow-up essay in response to criticism of his stance in an article published on the website of Modern Church, a society promoting breadth and depth in Christian theology, of which Prof Percy is a Vice President.

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Reclaiming the soul of Modern Church

At this month's annual meeting of the Modern Church Council, our Acting General Secretary Revd Dr Lorraine Cavanagh gave the keynote address about the profound implications of liberality in countering extremism and fundamentalism in both religion and politics.

In the paper she presented, Reclaiming the Soul of Modern Church, Lorraine argued that as a liberal society, Modern Church embodies intellectual freedom and hospitality, which calls us to 

do theology together in such a way as to connect with those who find themselves either outside the bounds of the institutional Church, or marginalized within them.

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Martyn Percy responds to Bishop of Sheffield designate

Following the announcement that Rt Revd Philip North has declined his nomination as the next Bishop of Sheffield, Prof Martyn Percy, Dean of Christ Church, Oxford, and Vice President of Modern Church, has issued the following statement:

‘I have written to Bishop Philip privately in the light of this very difficult decision. My thoughts are with everyone involved at this testing time. Bishop Philip and the people of Sheffield Diocese will continue to remain in my prayers.’

Oxford theologian invites bishop-designate of Sheffield to decline nomination

The Dean of Christ Church, Oxford, has invited the Bishop-designate of Sheffield, the Rt Revd Philip North, to decline his nomination to the See because of his opposition to women's ordination. 

The Very Revd Prof Martyn Percy has made a case against the elevation of the Rt Revd Philip North, the Bishop of Burnley, in an article published on the website of Modern Church, a society promoting liberal Christianity, of which Prof Percy is a Vice President.

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