Dr Karen O’Donnell to head Sarum College’s Centre for Contemporary Spirituality

THE NEW Managing Editor of Modern Church's quarterly liberal theology journal, Modern Believing, has been announced as the Coordinator of the Centre for Contemporary Spirituality at Sarum College.

Dr Karen O’Donnell is a feminist, ecumenical, practical theologian whose interdisciplinary research interests span theology, spirituality, and pedagogy.

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Church Times publishes response to Evangelical Council letter on sexuality and marriage

MODERN CHURCH General Secretary Jonathan Draper's response to a letter written by eleven bishops warning that a future pronouncement on same-sex relationships and marriage may have 'practical consequences' relating to the structure of the Anglican Communion and the Church of England, features in the Church Times, an independent Anglican weekly newspaper, published today.

The bishops' 1800-word letter, posted on the website of the Church of England Evangelical Council, is addressed to the Bishop of Coventry, Dr Christopher Cocksworth.

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Spam Modern Church email? How to recognise it

Several members have advised us that they have received emails claiming to be from Modern Church which appear to be spam.

We are grateful to those who have brought this to our attention, and we would like to reassure all who have received such emails that we have taken steps to improve the security of our website and email newsletter distribution list to minimise the risk to your data privacy - Read our Data Privacy notice.

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More than just a phase

A report on the development of the Modern Church South West group:

The group had its roots in the event commemorating the 50th anniversary of the publication of Honest to God by John Robinson in Bristol in September 2013, when it became apparent that there could be sufficient interest for a local Modern Church group. Our first event was in October 2016 when Lorraine Cavanagh led a day considering the question ‘Do we need a New Reformation?’ Since then we have considered Populism and the Post-Truth Society, Sceptical Christianity, environmental questions, a study of Mark's Gospel and local spirituality.

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Modern Church is 120! Celebrating #ModernChurchDay

Modern Church, the main advocate for liberal theology in the British churches, is celebrating 120 years with a social media campaign recording key moments in its history.

Starting on 27th July 2018, which it is calling Modern Church Day, the society is commemorating its achievements with a social media campaign using the hashtag #ModernChurchMoments, relaunching its website modernchurch.org.uk and publishing a series of videos asking members what Modern Church means to them.

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