April 15, 2022

Holy Week and the possibility of different values

Unusually, last week I watched the BBC’s Question Time. I was left feeling the issues were being debated strictly within the media echo chamber. Perhaps Holy […]
April 9, 2022

Role of Assistant Reviews Editor for Modern Believing

Modern Church seeks to appoint an assistant reviews editor for its journal Modern Believing.  The assistant reviews editor will work closely with the reviews editor to […]
April 4, 2022

Why were the healings of Jesus so controversial?

In my last post I described how the healings Jesus did were the kinds of things traditional healers do. In general, what the gospels report may […]
April 2, 2022

The Church Must Die To Its Self

In the current edition of the Church Times ( Comment April 1st, 2022) we are given a stark portrayal of bullying as it is experienced in […]
March 23, 2022

How did Jesus heal people?

According to the gospels, Jesus often healed people. To us his healings seem weird – so unlike what we expect from doctors. Some people have explained […]
March 19, 2022

Modern Believing Books Received July 2022

Stefanos Alexopoulos and Maxwell E. Johnson, Introduction to Eastern Christian Liturgies, Alcuin Club Collections 96.  Collegeville, MN: Liturgical Press Academic, 2021.  Pp. xlii, 430.  Pb.  $59.95.  […]
March 12, 2022

Martyn Percy: Post-Viral Fatigue? Review Article

The Very Revd Professor Martyn Percy, Dean of Christ Church, Oxford After the Virus: Lessons from the Past for a Better Future Hilary Cooper & Simon […]
March 10, 2022

Martyn Percy: Embrace the “Tutufication” of the Church of England Finale

We are incredibly grateful to the Very Revd Prof Martyn Percy for this series of reflections, which are now complete. One: Finding Our Pulse and Heart Two: […]
March 6, 2022

Two responses to war

War. Oh yes, we know how to relate to that. It triggers the oldest part of the human brain, the bit we share with lizards. Fight […]