June 8, 2021

Lorraine Cavanagh: Good And Bad Religion and How To Tell The Difference

Faith and the kind of belief which brooks little questioning are two quite different things. The way in which these two words are either confused or […]
June 7, 2021

Lorraine Cavanagh: What is the Church For?

I feared, when I offered to give this paper, that I had spoken too hastily. Should I have waited, before putting forward the suggestion that we […]
May 30, 2021

Lorraine Cavanagh: Is QAnon the New Religion?

‘The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people, but the silence over that by the good people’ memorable, but by no […]
May 27, 2021

Law, faith, compassion and the dying

Matt Hancock, the UK’s Secretary of State for Health, is best known as the Government’s lead on the Covid pandemic but engages with death in other […]
May 21, 2021

Sex as a blessing

The Christian case against same-sex partnerships is well and truly murdered by the new 81- page Report by the Wijngaards Institute for Catholic Research. Twenty academics […]
May 13, 2021

Peter Liddell: So Luke Copied the Ascension?

“When he had said these things, he departed upwards”  (Livy) Dennis R. MacDonald points to the resemblance between Luke’s narrative and Livy’s description of the ascension […]
May 13, 2021

Why humanities are at least as important as sciences

It isn’t just theologians who are horrified by Chester University’s plan for compulsory redundancies in its department of Theology and Religious Studies. The Church Times reports […]
May 6, 2021

Jersey: on enjoying the prospect of a fight

‘Acting like Putin’, declares the Daily Express, ‘Macron shamed for Jersey chaos as MP warns of plans to ‘up the ante’. ‘Flare up’ says the Sun: […]
May 5, 2021

Modern Believing Books Received July 2021

Mario I. Aguilar, After Pestilence: An Interreligious Theology of the Poor.  London: SCM Press, 2021.  Pp. xii, 196.  Pb.  £25.  ISBN 978-0-334-06035-2. Joseph D. Aldred and […]